How to Apply a Screen Protector

This morning I'm giving some Link Love to, a fabulous website with great how-to content.

My Oopsie

I messed up the screen protector on my cell phone, but I didn't panic because I had a spare. Unfortunately, I ended up messing that one up in trying to apply it without fingerprints or bubbles.

In desperation, I went looking for a blog post I'd read a couple of years ago about the best way to do this seemingly simple task.

Even though I didn't remember the important points in the post, I did remember where I had saved the link. *g*

If you also need to know this information, rather than retell it here, I'm going to point you to the website where you can read their article: The Best Way to Apply a Screensaver, and other great content on

Takeaway Truth

Now I just need to buy another pack of screen savers. Have a great Monday.

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