Rules of Write Club

Do you know the 1999 movie Fight Club? My sons – and my daughters too – love the Brad Pitt/Edward Norton film.

It’s so much a part of pop culture that you see references to it in other TV shows. On NCIS, the character Anthony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly had a running gag through an episode in which he recited the Rules of Fight Club.

I think writers can learn a lot from those rules – especially if I tweak the concept and rules a bit and slant them toward writers. And add a video.

Readers, stick around. I think you’ll find this entertaining too. In fact, here's the video first that illustrates the rules that follow.


1st RULE of WRITE CLUB: You do not talk about writing. You write.

2nd RULE of WRITE CLUB: You DO NOT talk about writing. You write.

3rd RULE of WRITE CLUB: If someone says “stop” or goes limp, taps out, the fight is NEVER over. If you slip up, you keep writing.

4th RULE of WRITE CLUB: Only one guy to a write. That’s correct – you do it alone. Day by day. In sickness and health.

5th RULE of WRITE CLUB: One write at a time. Focus on the book at hand. Don’t be seduced by the siren call of other characters and ideas.

6th RULE of WRITE CLUB: No shirts, no shoes. No clothes. Who cares? You’re in this fight alone, writing by yourself, in the privacy of your office and your imaginary world. Wear any darn thing you want, or don’t. Who’s to know?

7th RULE of WRITE CLUB: Writes will go on as long as they have to. A book is finished when it’s finished. Only you know when that is.

Takeaway Truth

The bottom line for writers? Write. And trust your instincts.

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