Review: Close Range

Netflix dumped a bunch of new movies into their catalog recently. I watched Close Range starring Scott Adkins, one of the new releases, with hubby last weekend.

Darling hubby likes action flicks with martial arts, knife fighting, guns, and umpteen fight scenes. I like a good action film too, but I zone out in those never-ending scenes where a fight scene takes longer than one in real life. Example? The Transformer movies where they keep going on and on and on...seemingly forever.


Close Range is about Colton MacReady (Scott Adkins) who was a hero but now seems to be an outlaw. He's out to save his niece who was kidnapped by a member of a drug cartel. Unfortunately, the cartel comes after him, and war erupts on the secluded ranch where the niece, her mom, and our outlaw hero are packing to leave.

When the local law is on the cartel payroll, how can one man stop them from killing the three of them?

Our hero, as portrayed very believably by Adkins, manages very nicely. If you're an action fan, you've probably seen Adkins before since he's starred in many other films of this type.

My 2 Cents

Chad Law and Shane Dax Taylor wrote Close Range. I wish they had given MacReady more emotional depth. I think that would have made this film a cut above the ordinary. Perhaps, it's more Adkins portrayal that gives the film the emotional distance.

I've read a bit about Adkins who admires the minimalism Clint Eastwood uses in his movies. Adkins said: "I prefer to play the villain or the antihero." So I understand his choice of roles and the way in which he portrays the character.

If you like an anti-hero who does the right thing because of a sense of duty, MacReady is good, but I think he could have been so much more. I also think Adkins can rise to the challenge.

With great graphics during the opening credits, non-stop action, some good tunes in the score, and a foot-tapping song like Everybody Got To Fall Down by Jake La Botz during the closing credits, Close Range is worth seeing.

Watch the trailer on YouTube. If you don't subscribe to Netflix, you can rent or buy Close Range on Amazon.

Takeaway Truth

If you liked John Wick, with its ballet of violence, you'll probably enjoy Close Range.

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