Patriotism Begins At Home

In celebrating Independence Day, I wanted to share a quotation from Henry James.

He said: "I think patriotism is like charity--it begins at home."

I believe that is true--just as learning most things from manners to kindness to work ethic begins at home.

I love my country, and I don't mean that in a superficial glib way. Patriotism is more than a word to me. My dad was at Normandy, and I was raised on tales of heroism.

My husband feels as I do, and we raised our children with those patriotic ideals. So we believe that patriotism does begin at home.

Takeaway Truth

Today I celebrate my country, and the freedom I enjoy, purchased by the sacrifices of the men and women, through the centuries, who have fought and died to for this country. Thank you for making today possible.

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