Heat Lightning On a Summer Night

A year ago, I published Heat Lightning, a romantic suspense novella.

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I guess you could say the phrase heat lightning inspired thise story. It's an evocative phrase and means lightning, unaccompanied by thunder. It's a silent display usually seen on a hot summer night.

I can remember sitting outside and seeing the distant lightning on a quiet, hot summer night.

The habit of enjoying the quiet calm of evening still lives in small towns and rural America. I see it whenever I visit my brother on his farm or talk with friends who live in the small towns near our country house.

Setting Informs My Fiction

That small town environment is what I often write about in my romance novels. In Heat Lightning, Tessa and David are secluded at a lake house in rural West Texas. When their WiFi goes out, a neighboring rancher offers his mobile device for David to use.

That’s what people in ranch country do. If a neighbor has a need, they’re willing to help. Later when there’s trouble at the lake house, not only does the county Sheriff show up, but also the neighboring ranchers. Farm and ranch folk are used to helping each other out. That event kicks off the climax of this romantic suspense.


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Takeaway Truth

Next time you witness heat lightning, think of Tessa and David in Heat Lightning--in love but lost to each other unless they can reconnect.

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