Did You Miss These Posts for Authors?

It's hard to find time to read all the excellent blog content online.

So I'd like to point out a few great posts--from other blogs and from  SlingWords--that you may have missed this summer.

A Dozen Must Read Posts for Authors

How to Snap Up a Literary Agent by Kathryn Johnson

Writing Tip from PF Karlin: What Men Notice About Women

Planning for an Upcoming Release by Nancy Fraser

Goof Off Productively: 4 tips to make the most of down time.

How to Turn a Facebook Album Into a Video Slideshow

9 Tips for Maximizing Facebook Engagement

The Way I Price My Books by Maddie James 

Seize the Day Before Good Intentions Fade

Personality Quiz: What Type of Writer Are You by Caragh M. O'Brien

Maintaining a Garden Like Maintaining a Career

Do Ebook Preorders Work: Part 1 by J. A. Konrath

Do Ebook Preorders Work: Part 2 by J. A. Konrath

Takeaway Truth

Sunday is a great day to check out posts you may have missed.

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