Thursday3Some: 3 Posts Authors Should Read

I'm reading many of the posts I've saved to Pocket. If you're a writer, be sure and read these 3 posts.

Author Despair: What to Do When You Feel All is Lost by Kristen Lamb

Honest to God unvarnished truth! I'll fess up that I often say, "I'm tired" when what I really mean is, "I'm despairing. I'm stuck. I'm...everything Kristen says." For the last year, my refrain of "I'm tired" has more to do with the medical crises our loved ones have been going through, but the "I'm tired" works there too when someone asks how I'm coping.

Kristen Lamb has a companion post to the one above: Writing Career Stuck? How to Get Your Mojo Back. Read it, and you'll realize you're not alone. It really is tough out there. Answer some hard questions, and you might have an idea of what to do to improve your situation.

For you who are interested in marketing, this post is nearly 18 months old, but Free Ebook Promotion Sites still warrants a look. Just click any links that are new to you to see if they're still offering free ebook promotion.

Takeaway Truth

If you have any good articles to share, just post the link in Comments.

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