Rocky Road Gets Longer

Recovery finally happening--I hope.
As I started this post, I told my daughter I was going to entitle it Rocky Roads and Dumbasses.

I see Dumbasses. They're everywhere, and they don't even know they're dumbasses.

Yeah, they're all over the freeways in the morning rush hour. By evening rush hour, they seem to have grown even dumber. But I'll leave that bitching complaint for another day.

What's Happening Here

I had hoped to be back to full-time writing, but the rocky road I've been traveling got rockier. My daughter had to have a second back surgery only 6 weeks after the first.

Bless her heart, her recovery clock was reset so this is the second "second week after surgery." She's alternately angry, depressed, resigned, and just about full-time bored.

How We Spend the Days

My stint as caregiver/companion/shoulder to cry on/cheerleader etc. continues. I'm there to keep her from doing something like bending from the waist for anything. I spend Monday through Friday each day with her until her darling hubby comes home from the office.

My time is so fractured that I haven't had the focus to work on the novel I was writing or on plotting the Christmas Novella I'll be writing next.

Adina and I have had some good times watching Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as DVDs of our favorite movies. I usually work on social media or plot notes during this.

We've talked books, movies, family, crafts, and anything else that takes her mind off her slow recovery.

Talent Runs in the Family

I've watched Adina knit, crochet, design purses, and sew. She's an artist who is talented in anything artistic. I think she got that from both grandmothers. Her paternal grandmother was an artist who worked in oils. Her maternal grandmother was a superb artist in fiber arts.

On the left is a photo of the small bags she has made. (Oops. The photo is upside down I just realized.) I think they're really pretty. They can be for travel toiletries (even for men), purse cosmetic bags, pencil cases, etc. They're 7.5" by 9.5" and have zipper openings. They're made of vintage silk neckties. She sells them, but she hasn't put them on her shop site yet since she can't sit at the computer.

Today, we decided to put together a crock pot cookbook since we've used those handy appliances so much. I try to set up dinner in the crock each morning so dinner will be kicked when I get home in the evening. Then I set up the same at my daughter's house so she and her hubby will have a dinner also.

Takeaway Truth

Recovery is tough. I regret the things falling through the cracks of my writing life, but I'm looking at this as a chance to spend quality time with my daughter which is a joy in itself.

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