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Blog Share Days are great!
It's Tuesday so let me tell you about a hashtag you may have seen but not used: #TuesdayBookBlog.

This hashtag for Tuesday as a blog share day is a good way to learn about books and authors.

Blog Share Days

If you are a Twittering blogger, then you know about blog share days--those days you can use a specific hashtag to call attention to your post if it's about a qualifying topic. There's #MondayBlogs, Wednesday's #wwwblogs (Wednesday women writers), #SundayBlogShare, Saturday's #ArchiveDay, etc.Now there's #TuesdayBookBlog.

Last winter, Rosie Amber’s Book Review Team (#RBRT) introduced this new hashtag, #TuesdayBookBlog, for Tuesdays, and it's for book and author posts only.

Ground Rules

If you want to use #TuesdayBookBlog, use it for blog posts about:
  • book reviews
  • author interviews
  • cover reveals
  • upcoming/new releases
  • articles or guest posts about books and/or writers
    For all the details including what NOT to do, read the full post on Rosie Amber's blog.

    Takeaway Truth

    Remember to be courteous and retweet (RT) others using the hashtag.  (Tweetdeck and similar apps make this easy.) Tell others about the hashtag which is what I'm doing with this post.

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