Thursday3Some: 3 Great Video Tips

I've been outlining some videos I want to produce--mostly book trailers and how to information for writers--so I've been surfing the web for some new tips.

That's one of my rules. Always try to up your game.

I found some websites with great tips that I'd like to pass on to you.

These first tips are from ReelSEO, Video Marketer's Guide. Yes, these are for those seriously into video production, but there are elements you can take away to improve your video book trailers or whatever kind of video you plan to do.

As it says on the ReelSEO website: "Learn video production tips and techniques for creating better videos for the web. Everything from pre-production to post-production and video editing: including information about the latest video cameras, video production techniques, video editing tips and more." ©

Tip 1: Recording Video With iPhone

The first article you'll want to read is How To Record Video on iPhone 6S. If you have a good smart phone, you have the means to make some awesome video. Check out their article for some great how-to info.

Tip 2: Reblogging

The second article from ReelSEO that you'll want to read is New Platforms Mean New Opportunities: Welcome to the Video Reblog! ©

If you're a YouTube user, as I am, you've probably noticed that YouTube offers reblogging. The article mentioned above talks about Wochit. The author of the article, Jim Louderback, is a consultant and advisor to Wochit.

Tip 3: General Video Recording Tips

If you're making home videos and they're not turning out as good as you wish, these dozen tips from Crutchfield: Seriously Into Audio will make your video recordings excellent.

Takeaway Truth

Video is a great way to brand yourself and your product. Hit the Beach: Sand, Surf, and 4 Romantic Comedies, one of my most popular videos, has received 4,231 views to date. If you're not using video, you may be missing out.

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