Thursday3Some: Books by Morgan, Langston, Johnson

Welcome to Thursday3Some. Today, I'm reviewing 3 romance novels. These reviews are also posted to Amazon.

The Thursday3Some reviews today are for:

Claiming Annie's Heart by Judythe Morgan

Mercy Killing (Affairs of State) by Kathryn Johnson

and Redeeming the Earl by Jenn Langston.

First up is Claiming Annie's Heart by Judythe Morgan, an emotional blend of Women's Fiction and Romance. But let's call this an Irish Romance because it's a sonnet to Ireland. With strong characters determined to do what's right even if it goes against what they really want, this is the kind of emotional book for which Judythe Morgan is noted.

Annie Foster's emotional, conflict-ridden journey will make you wonder if she and Chad Jones can ever be together. How can Annie forgive Chad when he betrayed her in the worst way. Or did he? As in real life, the truth will out. When it does, Annie has a choice to make. Get out the hankies because Morgan always pulls on your heartstrings as she delivers a memorable story, and that's what she does with this Irish romance.

Mercy Killing (Affairs of State Book 1) by Kathryn Johnson is romantic suspense set against the backdrop of the U.S. State Department with all of its politics and maneuverings.

Mercy O'Brien Davis was born into this world. When she married an ambitious politician, she further locked herself into the world. Although she loves her husband, cracks have appeared in her marriage yet she continues to stand by her man.

 Everything changes when her mother disappears and Mercy's husband gets his foreign posting. Thrust into a world fraught with danger and intrigue, Mercy doesn't know who to trust and what to believe. Little does she know that she is in grave danger, but the man she's drawn to yet resists is the one man who might be able to save her. Will she place her faith in him?

Mercy Killing is peopled by a sophisticated gutsy heroine who is determined to get to the truth. If you like international intrigue and woman-in-jeopardy stories, this will delight you.

Redeeming the Earl by Jenn Langston is Regency Romance at its best.

I love a good Regency Romance, and Redeeming the Earl does not disappoint. Fans of Amanda Quick will enjoy this because of the feisty heroine who has a secret life as the author of the famous Unscandal Sheet that seeks to expose the truth behind all the salacious rumors that hit the ton.

Rebecca Doutree finds herself fascinated by the infamous Earl of Dunmore who is looking for wife number 5. Spinster Rebecca, firmly on the shelf and denigrated by her father until she seriously doubts her appeal, finds herself falling for the handsome earl despite the rumors that circulate about the mysterious deaths of all his wives.

Charles Edwards, the Earl of Dunmore, is untouched by emotions. He's never felt the love other men proclaim for women. He just needs an heir. When he meets Rebecca, his interest--and his desire--is stirred even as he tries to control himself the way a gentleman should.

These two are meant to be together, but it's one step forward and two steps back in their romance. When it becomes apparent that Rebecca's life is in danger, Charles will move heaven and earth to keep her safe--even as she fights against him.

Redeeming the Earl is a lovely romance full of intrigue. Don't miss it.

Takeaway Truth

The weekend is coming. Grab these books for some reading fun.

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