Reviews of Ebook Promotion Sites

Which Ebook Promotion Websites are worth what they charge? Have you wondered that as you click to pay?

Author Sharon Karaa has put together an Excel spreadsheet that will help you figure out which websites are more than a crap shoot.

I'm pleased to say that Sharon isn't jealousy guarding the information.

She's offering to share her analysis with the world. In fact, she's giving the ebook Promotion Sites Review File free to everyone who asks!

Help Her Keep Doing This

Yes, she's offering the January file free, but please click that PayPal donation button on her website and kick in at least $1.00 if only to encourage her to keep doing this. Trust me, I've reviewed the spreadsheet, and it's worth a lot more than $1.00! In fact, I paid $25.00 last year for a similar analysis that turned out to be not very good.

What You Get

The spreadsheet of 125+ ebook promotion sites gives the kind of information you need to make informed decisions about where to spend your advertising bucks.
  • ALEXA rankings which show how popular a website is. The lower the score the better.
  • the number of followers on the most popular social media
  • the price
  • even her ROI she achieved within the last 12 months.
Based on the data she analyzed, she also provides recommendations and categorizes them as:
  • Primary Sites where there is a definite return on investment, time after time.
  • Free Sites where there are free options for advertising so there's nothing to lose.
  • Test ROI Sites where the Alexa ranking or the number of followers on social media sites is enough to make it an interesting site to test.
Like I said, she plans to do this every month if enough people are willing to pay $1.00 a month, but this first spreadsheet is absolutely free.

Please feel free to share this post with everyone in the known universe. You'll find more information at her website and on the page featuring the spreadsheet.

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Takeaway Truth

Authors, in a highly competitive environment, it pays to advertise. But only if the advertising is effective. That's what this spreadsheet is about. A way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Get it today.