Solution for Message Stuck in Outbox

I've had a problem since Saturday. A message I was trying to send got "stuck" in my Outbox on Outlook. I wouldn't send, and I couldn't seem to delete it--just kept getting an error message that it had started sending and couldn't be deleted. Not!

Since it still won't send, I went to Professor Google who knows everything to find a solution. I thought I'd post the solution here since others might have this problem one day.

This solution is for Outlook only, and I found it at Outlook Tips.

If you have Windows 7 or Vista and your Desktop Search is configured to search Outlook data, it's easy to delete the stuck message. (If you use an older Windows version, you'll need to install Windows Desktop search engine.)

1. Close Outlook. Be patient and wait a few minutes to make sure it closes completely.

2. Click to open your Start Menu.

3. At the bottom left of the Start Menu, you'll see a search box. Type outbox in it.

4. Let the search engine work. It will list all that it finds. Scroll through until you find the message you're trying to delete.

5. Select the message, click DELETE. That should do it.

Takeaway Truth

When confronted with a problem, always go to a search engine to look for a solution. Trust me, you won't be the only one ever facing tech problems. We all get them.


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    1. Right. Just for Outlook but if you follow the link I gave (see Outlook tips above), it addresses the problem with Mac I believe.