Amazon's New Preview Feature

I thought I'd test the new preview feature from Amazon. I placed it on the left sidebar. See it there? You can click Read Preview, and it takes you to a webpage where the cover is shown and a sample of the book.

I've also placed it here in the blog post so you can see how it looks on a narrow sidebar, and how it looks within a blog post. It's easy to do. On a book's webpage, on the right sidebar where it says: SHARE, you'll also see EMBED. Click Embed and follow the prompts to either post the preview as a link to click or as a "live" preview where the reader will click the image of the book cover. Very easy and a nice way for someone to read a preview of a book without having to click umpteen links. Also nice that the reader can then click BUY NOW if they're so inclined.

Takeaway Truth

I think this is a pretty neat feature, and I'll probably use it when guests visit to talk about their books. What do you think about it?

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