Who Are Your Thought Influencers

You hear a lot lately about thought influencers. I think that's an interesting label. Have you ever asked yourself who influences you?

In the online world, it's easy to find thought influencers. Just say something online or publish a book, and the would-be thought influencers come out of the woodwork.

All authors are familiar with that kind of thought influencers. They want to influence others and maybe the author herself with their online negativity.

What's The Alternative

If you find yourself upset by online negativity, then you've met your thought influencer. The real issue is: "Why allow some stranger to influence what you think?"

Don't bitch and moan about how hurt your feelings are and how embarrassed you are by what some reviewer posted. Why give those people the power to influence your thoughts? It doesn't matter what they say or think.

The only thing that matters is what you say to yourself! Remember, happiness is largely dependent on what we tell ourselves.

Takeaway Truth

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