Brand Your Name, Not Your Book Title

Setting up a website or blog? What will you name it? That's an important question that may seem to have an obvious answer, but many beginning authors don't see the obvious.

The rule of thumb is always use your name. Many beginning authors with a book to promote and sell, think they're being smart when they name their website or blog with the book title. I see this all the time. Do not make this branding mistake.

Always Brand Your Name, Not the Name of a Book

Why? Because, hopefully, you will publish several books in your career. Are you going to set up a website and blog for every book title? No. That's ridiculous. So what happens if you've already got a website named after your first book title, and now it's time to promote book 2?

Well, you find yourself retrenching and having to start your branding campaign all over in an effort to promote and sell book 2.

It's much easier to start right from the beginning and brand your name and your type of story than to keep reinventing the wheel every time you have a new book out.

Grab Your Name Now

If you're just starting out, grab every iteration of your name now: dot com, dot net, etc. if you can afford to do so. | | Facebook/ and all the others.

Then grab that name in the blogging platform of your choice and on all the current social media: | or

If your dot com is already taken, then create a form of your name that you will use across all websites, social media, and blogs. | | Facebook/PaigeTurnerWrites, etc.

In the event you get hugely popular, people will buy your dot com, dot net, etc. and offer to sell them back to you at an exorbitant price.

While it's perfectly fine to set up a Facebook page for a book, it's always better to name your website and blog with your author name. You want name recognition because that's what sells books.

Takeaway Truth

Lay the groundwork now, and do it right the first time.

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