5 Articles You Dare Not Miss

I'm catching up on some posts and articles that I archived. There's such great information online that it's hard to keep up with it on a daily basis so I save most of it to Pocket for reading later. Later was today.

If you also missed reading these articles, take a few minutes to do it now.

1. Avoid Cyber Trolls by Where Writers Win

Defines cyber trolls and online bullies. Tells how to a handle the situation and also tells how to report cyber bullies to the proper federal agency. Cyber bullying is now a misdemeanor, but that may change to a stiffer classification.

2. Computer Security and Privacy by Bill Dietrich

Great article that gives 23 practical things you can do to improve your privacy protection. Also gives more aggressive steps you can take. The article gives links to some websites that can help.

3. Little Known Punctuation Marks by GalleyCat

I think a lot of these punctuation marks make sense. I particularly like the Snark Mark used to indicate a sentence that should be understood beyond the literal meaning. It's written using a period followed by a tilde, as shown below:

4. A graphic tool to check if your writing is historically wrong! by Inspiration from Paintings

N gram from Google is a great tool for those who write historical fiction. (Try to ignore the grammatical errors in the post.) The app software resulted from Google's mass scanning and digitization of millions of books.

5. Indie Authors: Get One Link To Your Book In All International Amazon Stores by Self Publishing Advice

This is a post about Authl.it, a website where you can enter your Amazon buy link and have it converted to a link that directs someone who clicks it to the specific Amazon store that serves his or her country. I've blogged about Authl.it before. I use it for most Amazon links I post online.

Takeaway Truth

Take advantage of the wealth of great information online.

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