Happy Amazon Prime Day: List of Freebies & Bargains

Welcome to Amazon Prime Day! Celebrate Amazon's 20th anniversary by grabbing some of the best deals since Black Friday! This post is full of links to these bargains so scroll through the whole post.

If you're not already a Prime, you can join now and take advantage of their special Prime Members ONLY deals today. That's right, if you're a Prime Member, you get special discounts.

Example, Prime Member Exclusive - Up to 40% Off Food & Beverages. I know some busy 2 career households who order all their non-perishables from Amazon. With free shipping, it's often same price or cheaper than at your local grocery store plus you save the time and energy going to the store after work or on weekends.

School will be starting in a month. Shop Amazon - Back to School. Teachers can get classroom supplies at a discount too: Shop Amazon Classroom and School Supplies

Need office supplies? Amazon has you covered: Shop Amazon Office Products Deals - Supplies & Electronics.

Just click here to become an Amazon Prime Member. You get 30 days free and can cancel any time with no obligation other than what you might buy! Happy Amazon Prime Day July 15 - Exclusive Deals for Prime Members - Start Free 30-Day Trial.

Let's get started! I'm listing some fabulous bargains you can get today, and I've broken them down into 5 Categories: Electronics * Home * Style * Fun * Books.

Just click the link and grab the bargain before they're sold out like those 32" flat screen TVs they were selling earlier for $75.00!!!


Give the kids their own tablet at a fraction of the cost of an iPad. Amazon Prime Day - Fire HD 7 Kids Edition Tablet - Just $129, Regularly $189.

Get your own tablet--what a deal! You can read ebooks, play games, send email, browse the web, connect it to your TV to stream movies from Amazon Prime or Netflix, music from Amazon Prime or Pandora, and any other app you like and a lot of other things too. (I have this Kindle Fire and use it for all those things.) Amazon Prime Day - Fire HD 7 - Just $79, Regularly $139.

Want a dedicated ereader at a low price? Even though I have a Kindle Fire, I first had a Kindle ereader, and I still use it every day. Lightweight and holding a charge that lasts for days, I carry it in my purse all the time. It's great to carry a library of hundreds of books in a device that weighs a few ounces. Amazon Prime Day - Kindle - Just $49.

Or get the Kindle Paperwhite with the built in light so you can easily read in the dark. Shop Amazon - ALL-New Kindle Paperwhite - $119.00.

Got some old cell phones or other gadgets lying around since you upgraded? Trade them in. Shop Amazon - Find the Value of Your Gadgets.


Got some home improvement projects to do? (My darling hubby finally tackled organizing the garage and a few other honey-do things. Shop Amazon Home Improvement - 20% Off Leviton Products .

There are even bargains today in furniture. Yep, you can buy furniture from Amazon! Shop Amazon - Best Sellers in Furniture.

Take advantage of the big sale on used-refurbished and open-box items. You can rest assured that all are checked by Amazon before shipping. Shop Amazon Warehouse Deals - Deep Discounts on Open-box and Used Kitchen Gadgets.

Guys, they're also offering deep discounts for open-box and used tools: Shop Amazon Warehouse Deals - Deep Discounts on Open-box and Used Tools & Home Improvement.

Let's not forget Fido or Fluffy. Discounts on pet supplies offered today also: Shop Amazon Pet Supplies - New in Subscribe & Save: Wellness Natural Pet Food.


How about a nice watch for the man in your life? Hey, guys, drop a hint to your ladies and click here for great bargains: Shop Amazon Fashion - Men's Watches.

Want to see what Amazon has selected as their top deals? Here's the link: Shop Amazon Gold Box - New Deals. Everyday

Great bargains on athletic shoes: Shop Amazon Fashion - Men's Athletic Shoes.

Summer classic fashion for women--comfortable, stylish, cool clothes to keep you cool: Shop Amazon Fashion - Women's Clothing.


Got a vacation planned? Check out the luggage and travel gear deals. Shop Amazon Fashion - Up to 40% Off Tumi.

How about DVDs--movies and TV shows? Shop and save today: Shop Amazon DVDs - Save Up to 55% on Thousands of Movies & TV Shows.

Shop for kids' birthday and Christmas presents now and get discounts: Shop Amazon - Editor's Picks for Best Toys and Games in July.

Got a slew of video games? Trade them in for new ones! Shop Amazon - Find the Value of Your Video Games.

Hey, parents and grandparents. Do your kids and grandkids live so far away that you don't know what they have or don't have? Shop the Most Wished For list. Shop Amazon - Most Wished For Items.

Not sure what to give? Send a gift card. Amazon makes it super easy. You can send a gift card by email or snail mail. Shop Amazon Gift Cards. Any Occasion. No Expiration.


Rather than list a few free books, I'm giving you a link to the Today's Top 100 Free Kindle Books.

I have 14 books available. Most are $3.99, but I offer these at only 99cents: LuvU4Ever (A Romance Short Story) (A Moment in Time Romance Book 1) and my next release, Heat Lightning: Romantic Suspense Novella (Outlaw Ridge, Texas Book 1). At $2.99, is April Fool Bride: (A Romance Novella) (All Brides Are Beautiful Book 1).

Takeaway Truth

If you don't have time to check out all the other deals offered throughout the day, then click this link to see what's being offered each hour. Shop Amazon - Hot New Releases - Updated Every Hour.


  1. I appreciate comments, but please remember that it's possible to state an opinion or point of view without insulting others.

  2. I looked up the last 20 things I ordered from Amazon and guess what? None of them were discounted, not even a penny. Pretty disappointing.

    1. LOL -- Actually, I'd view that as a good thing! I hate to buy something and then see them get discounted later. One of my friends ordered the Amazon Fire and 2 months later, Amazon offered it at almost half off. Wow, was he steamed!