Life After NY Times Bestsellerdom

Last week was thrilling because I learned that Summer Fire, which includes my novella Heat Lightning, had made the NY Times Bestseller List in 2 categories: Ebook Fiction and also Fiction, Ebook and Print Book, as well as the USA Today Bestseller List.

What Does Making THE List Mean?

Can I retire and count my gold coins? No.

Have I written the best book ever so now I should quit while I'm ahead? No.

For an author, hitting the NY Times and/or the USA Today bestseller lists is a high five, triple scoop of ice cream, bottle of champagne feeling. We spend most of our lives dreaming about hitting some big important bestseller list. The truth is that it's just a peak in a writing life that includes lots of valleys too.

So I, and my fellow authors, will glory in it, wallow in the satisfaction, and then we'll just write the next book.

Last week, I couldn't really process the achievement because I spent most of the week at the hospital and in various doctors' offices with my daughter who was facing surgery. I celebrated quietly, while she slept, by creating new banner images for my websites reflecting this achievement. Maybe this weekend I'll have some bubbly. And chocolate.

If you achieved some lofty goal, what would you do to celebrate?

Add Summer Fire to Your Library

The Summer Fire Ultimate Romance Collection will be withdrawn from sale at the end of June. Each of us authors will re-publish our respective novellas, and the price will jump on most of them.

While you still can, get the Summer Fire box set now for only 99cents.

Amazon * iBooks * Kobo * Nook

Takeaway Truth

I'm overjoyed to start writing the next book because the opening chapter has been playing around inside my head for months now.

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