Design Resources for Social Media

Created With Pablo
Want an easy way to make a graphic with image and text to use on social media? Here are 4 resources I've been using lately with examples of each shown at the left.


Pablo is brought to you by No registration or login is required to use Pablo. They have a few images available, and you can upload your own. Fill in the text box. This image produces a landscape design about 1024p x 512p and has an image background and text quotation. . Contains only a few fonts, but they are pleasing. Not much is customizable, but it's easy to use and fast.

Created With Canva

Canva is popular with a lot of people. It contains templates for social media along with print card designs too as well as lots of graphics, fonts, etc. Registration is free.

Since there are so many options, it's just a bit harder to design than with Pablo.

Note: There are many backgrounds and art, but not all of it is free. If you use images that aren't free, the price starts at $1.00. When you create a design using an image that isn't free, you have 24 hours to remove the element. So choose wisely.

Created With ReciteThis
Recite This

Recite This is fast and free. No need to register or login. Just use the app on the website. Begin by typing in a quote. It will stick a background on the quote. If you don't like it, just select a new background.

Combine text with one of their background images to create a 600p x 600p teaser.

Not a lot of selection, but it's super easy if you can find a background that fits your needs. This could be really neat if they would allow you to upload your own images.

Created With SubtlePatterns
Subtle Patterns

This website offers free textural images for download. You can use them for website backgrounds, but they're also great to use for a promotional teaser background.

No registration required but you can register by email to get news when there are new patterns released. Download is a zip file which you can extract and save as a png.

This example on the left was quickly created with the pinpoint star background and a few star shapes and different fonts from my computer. It could be better, but it only took 5 minutes or less.

Takeaway Truth

There's a wealth of free resources at your fingertips if you but look for them.

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