Hello, Pollen, My Old Friend

I've been barricaded inside for many weeks, trying to hide from the dread spring menace: Pollen.

Ack! Itchy Watery Eyes

Unfortunately, Pollen finds me and attacks during those quick trips to the post office or grocery store. There's simply no way to hide from the culprit behind my itchy, watery eyes that defy the daily allergy medication and nose spray. Sometimes it's so bad that I feel as if I'm looking at the monitor through a veil of tears.

Lovely Pines Are a Pain

I guess that's not surprising given the fact that pine pollen can travel up to 1800 miles in a short amount of time. Did I say I'm allergic to pine? How wonderful that my townhouse is located in an area with 50' pine trees, and they're a lot closer than 1800 miles.

My allergist told me something very similar to what Robert Wood said: "As a country becomes more developed, allergy rises and rises. And the notion there is that in the more-developed countries, you may be getting less exposure to infections and germs and other things that may stimulate your immune system in a direction other than allergy. The more your immune system is kept busy by exposure to germs and infections early in life, the less time it can devote to things like allergy."

Takeaway Truth

I guess I better hang out with sick people more often.

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