2 Most Important Rules of Branding

Let's talk about the 2 Most Important Rules of Branding. I've seen the following situation so often lately that I want to offer a bit of advice to new authors, either traditionally published or indie published as well as authors who haven't done much about branding but want to start.

Rule 1: Brand Your NAME Not a Title

Yep. That's the number one rule of branding. Brand your name, not a title.

Most people just starting out do it the other way around because they want to call attention to their new book -- and hopefully make sales.

If you expect to have a long career in writing and plan on publishing other books, then what happens to that website, Murder at Oak Ridge, or the social media accounts, Summer Romance, that you created using a book title? It disappears from the public's consciousness.

Doesn't Serve You Long-Term

Using anything other than your name, doesn't serve you long-term. Just ask me. This blog's name is a perfect example of that. Unfortunately, I've published the blog for so many years that I'd lose readers by trying to change it.

When your second book, possibly Mystery of the Pyraminds debuts, how do you effectively promote it on a website with another book's title? You're effectively asking readers who are inundated with book titles and author names to remember that your Facebook profile is Winter Romance, not Mary Smith.

You're asking them to remember to go to Murder at Oak Ridge to read about your new book, Mystery of the Pyraminds. Using anything other than your own name won't promote your next book or the one after that.

Rule 2: Make It Easy To Be Found

You see, that's the second rule of branding: always make it easy for readers to remember and identify you. A lot of effort goes into promoting via social media, website, and blog. Make sure you choose the right label to brand so the effort isn't wasted.

Now is the time to set up your website, blog, and social media accounts using your name.

Everything online should point to YOU, the author, not your book title, and all content should reflect who you are as an author and the brand you are establishing.

Takeaway Truth

Everything you do should be designed to  increase your name recognition -- not the title of a book. Your name is your brand so develop it carefully and with much aforethought.

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