This past week I announced the prize winners for my giveaways.  Diane Vice was the August winner, and Charlotte Deacon was the September winner.

As I was setting up the October Giveaway, I thought how much fun it is to win something.Whether it's millions from a lottery or just something unexpected and fun, it's nice.

In writing, there aren't a whole lot of prizes to be won. The real prize is fulfilling the vision you have in your head. Putting that into words is the hardest job, and the prize you get is when a reader tells you how much he or she loved your book.

Katharine Hepburn said: "As for me, prizes are nothing. My prize is my work.''

Takeaway Truth

We should all feel that way about our work whether we're writers or teachers or bartenders or customer service reps.
I love you, wonderful Readers! I'm showing the love this month. Leave a comment on any post this month, with email address (write it out, not as a hot link), and be entered to win the October Prize.

Want another entry? Subscribe to either of my newsletters (WordPlay for Readers: and/or Writing Hacks for Writers: and get another entry.

After the end of the month, I'll put the names of all newsletter subscribers and blog commentators into a hat. The winning name drawn will be notified by email and listed on the blog and newsletters.

October Prize

A copy of my new book Cinderella Blue, Book 2 of San Antone Two-Step, to be published this month, and a Starbucks Gift Card.

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