Blog Hopping & the September Prize Winner

I blog. A lot. Not just here on SlingWords, but on 2 group blogs to which I belong: Smart Girls Read Romance and Authors of Main Street.

I also guest blog. When you add that to my 2 newsletters I write -- WordPlay and Writing Hacks -- and the newsletter writing I do for my Romance Writers of America chapters -- plus the books I write -- my dance card is full. But, words are my life. It's fun, or I wouldn't do it.

Sharing My Words

I share where I am, and what I'm writing on Twitter. I thought I'd occasionally post some links here about my various gigs around the Internet in case you miss those swift-flying Tweets.

Oh, and stay tuned below for the winner of the September giveaway.

Where Was Joan?

On Smart Girls Read Romance: Best Quotes About Dogs

On Authors of Main Street: Women + Men + Sex = Funny

On Author Expressions by Jacqueline Seewald: Interview with Author Joan Reeves

On Authors of Main Street: Small Towns and Humor

September Giveaway

For the month of September, anyone who left a comment on any September post and all subscribers to both my newsletters were eligible to win the prize package.

What Do You Win?

If the winner resides in the Lower 48, the prize is a copy of Old Enough To Know Better along with an Old Enough to Know Better Keytag. (See picture to the left.

If the winner is outside the Continental U.S., the prize will also be the book plus another gift of commensurate value --  that can easily be delivered abroad.

And the Winner Is: Charlotte Deacon, Writing Hacks Subscriber

Congratulations, Charlotte. I'll be emailing you about your prize.

Takeaway Truth

Giving away stuff is fun! So is winning stuff so be sure and follow the blog and/or subscribe to my newsletters to find out all about my giveaways. For October, eligibility will be anyone who leaves a comment on the blog with email address or who subscribes in October to either of my newsletters. Prize announcement will be made on Monday here on SlingWords so don't miss it.


  1. I love blogging and I love READing blogs. There are days I think maybe I obsess a little there, but I enjoy your love for words, Joan.

    1. Thanks, Liz. I enjoy your words too. Write hard. Live free.