Animoto Offers New Perk For Users

Animoto now offers the ability to edit a produced video. This is big news because the only way to edit a produced video in the past was to make a copy of it and edit that copy.

I think this is an indication that they actually pay attention to comments users like me make.

How to Edit a Produced Animoto Video

I spend a lot of time creating a video, tweaking and proofing it until my eyes glaze over. When I think it's perfect, I hit produce. After it goes live, I always see something I could have done better, or maybe something I wish I had included.

In the past, it was too time-consuming to make a copy and re-do the thing. Now Animoto has made it easy. There are 2 ways you can gain easy entry back into a completed video to edit it.

My Videos Page

Go to your My Videos page to edit a produced video. On this page, you'll see all of your videos, both completed and in progress. Simply hover your mouse over the video’s cover image, and you’ll see a menu open that gives you the option to edit or to make a copy (or delete the video). Simply click Edit. Any changes you make won’t take effect until you produce a new version.

The Video's Play Page

This is the second way to access the edit function. Go to the video’s player page (the URL begins with You'll find the Options section on the right side of the screen, near the bottom. Just click the Edit Video link and it will take you back into the video so you can edit it.

That Easy

It’s really that easy. Make your edits and click to produce again. The edited and newly produced video will replace your old version. The best thing is that if you’ve already embedded the video on your sites or sent the Animoto link to others, all of the changes will propagate automatically.

Of course, if you've uploaded the video file to another website like YouTube, which I always do, or shared the original video on social media, those will not update automatically. You have to update each of those yourself.

Takeaway Truth

I really like Animoto for creating videos. I'm working on one now. They're super easy and, as this proves, responsive to users' suggestions.

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