5 Ways To Educate & Entertain Blog Readers

... the magic of WORDS
Having a blog is your chance to show yourself to readers:  your personality, writing style, use of language, and your overall life attitude.

You want to entertain and also educate, and you want to do it in a way that makes readers come back for more. Try these strategies.

1. Write with a compelling voice that makes the reader feel as if he/she is having a great conversation with you.

That way, they read the words, not skim, because they're afraid they'll miss something entertaining.

2. Punch up the copy with something unexpected.

Quote something that's entertaining and also pertains to the subject matter of a post whether it's Shakespeare or Jon Bon Jovi. In fact, Bon Jovi might be the best pick because it's unexpected. Toss in a humorous quotation, something that will pull a grin from the reader.

3. Use numbered lists.

Readers love lists because psychologically they feel as if they're getting step by step help in an area -- like this post on blog writing. Even pros will read lists because they're always looking for new ways to do something better. Sometimes, a numbered list really knocks the old ball over the fence!

4. Use metaphors and similes that speak to the audience's cultural experiences. 

In #3 above, I used a baseball metaphor because I love baseball, and it's playoff time. Sports allusions are great for male readers, but female readers understand them too. So don't be afraid to use sports, literary, political, or whatever-floats-your-boat metaphors and similes.

5. Share the love by referencing what others have done.

Don't be afraid to refer to what others have written on the same subject or to send your readers to another blogger. Acknowledge the body of work that has already been created. Give links if possible. Honor your fellow writers. Share the love.


Different writers present the same information in different ways. Maybe you've read 100 articles on how to write captivating blog posts, but this one, number 101, is the one where you really "get it." So don't be afraid to tackle a subject that's been done over and over because the way you write it may be the way that speaks to someone who really is looking for an answer.

Takeaway Truth

Grow a loyal audience for your prose by aiming for the best content you can deliver.

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