5 More Tips to Grow Your Video Audience

Happy Friday! A while back I wrote Grow Your Video Audience. Today I have more tips on how to grow your Video Audience.

Quick update on the other how-to video posts I've written which can all be found on the right sidebar under Something To Talk About/Video.

5 More Tips to Grow Your Video Audience

1. Push content.

Yep. Just like blogging, fresh content rules. Produce videos as often as you can. If you're thinking about going into video, then sit down and draw up some kind of production schedule so you can publish a new video on a fairly regular basis. Be smart and try to get several in the pipeline so you can upload often. Every week is considered optimal, but most of us can't do that so aim for something doable.

2. Master keyword usage.

Keywords are king--just like on webpages. Make lists of targeted keywords that describe your video. Use the keywords in the title or headline and description. When you upload the video, be sure and use the keywords to tag it.

3. Collect LIKEs.

Yes, it's nice to be popular and LIKEd. An algorithm based on number of views your video gets plus how many likes versus dislikes as well as other factors determine the video rank. So don't be shy. Ask viewers to like your video. (Please go and toss some LIKE on my videos.)

4. Spread your video around.

Embed your video every place you possibly can--Facebook, Twitter, other social sites, your blog, your website, your friends' websites and social pages if they will allow you, etc. The more places you embed your video, the better because that means more people will see it, like it, and keep that ball rolling.

5. Talk about your videos.

Yes, spread the news about your videos. Tell others. Offer advice. Blog about it. Guest blog about it. Enter your videos in contests.

Takeaway Truth

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