What Makes You Happy?

In 1938, Harvard began a research study that followed 268 male undergraduate students. This study became the longest-running longitudinal study of human development in history.

George Vaillant, MD, who headed the study for more than 30 years, published the study's findings in his book Triumphs of Experience, The Men of the Harvard Grant Study

If you don't wish to read the book, you can read more about the study at this Huff Post. The results can all be summed up very simply: Happiness is love.

After 75 years and 20 million dollars, the study found that love was the answer for men. I think it's safe to say that love is also the answer for women. We're all on this planet looking for love, trying to connect in an elemental way with one special person.

No wonder Romance Novels are so popular. Yes, men read them too, but they may not admit it.

Takeaway Truth

Viva la romance!


  1. Here in the nursing home, the nurses call me "dearie" which isn't affection, it's contempt, and I don't want to hit on residents who may not be capable of informed consent - and I'm talking of companionship. not coitus,

    Boy, I'd like a dog,maybe an 8-year-old male Chesapeake Retriever, one who is laid back and would jump into bed with me and lick my face. Not that I wouldn't love a woman who'd lie next to me and talk all night long, but the administration seems to think talking is immoral.

  2. Not all nursing home nurses are callous. My s-i-l is a nurse in one, and everyone loves her. She's the most caring person I've ever know.

    Some nursing homes do allow pets. It's a shame yours does not. Many also have organized social activities like book clubs, computer groups, bridge clubs, etc. Does yours not have anything like that?