Thursday3Some: Heart to Heart by Jan Scarbrough

Just in time for some summer reading fun is Jan Scarbrough to talk about her new book Heart to Heart: Return to Legend (Ladies of Legend Book 13).

Meet Jan Scarbrough

Jan, the author of the popular Bluegrass Reunion series, writes heartwarming contemporary romances about home and family, single moms and children, and if the plot allows, about another passion—horses. A member of Novelist, Inc., Jan has published with Kensington, Five Star, ImaJinn Books, Resplendence Publishing, and Turquoise Morning Press.

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About Heart to Heart

Jeremy Hamilton’s company is cash-strapped and his personal life is a mess. Inheriting the bulk of Ms. Addie Bynum’s wealth is a godsend, but moving to the small town of Legend, Tennessee, to get that money is a big pain. Ms. Addie has given Jeremy a second chance under certain conditions. Question is—will he take it?

Marty Fields is a pet psychic. She’s spent a lifetime explaining animal communication to skeptic citizens of her small town. Only Ms. Addie understands her gift. Keeping Ms. Addie’s six cats after the old lady’s death is the least Marty can do. Yet, she’s put her life on hold for the cats. Will the grandnephew’s arrival upset the rhythm of her comfortable existence?

When did you write Heart to Heart?

I wrote it after the first of the year. It was an afterthought in my writing schedule for 2014. I contribute to The Ladies of Legend series with Maddie James, Magdalena Scott and Janet Eaves. After our bundled books Love in a Small Town did so well, we decided to revisit the series.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

We needed something to tie all four books in the Return to Legend series together. I’d had this idea for some time about making a pet psychic a heroine. Then I saw an article about a house full of cats that inherited money from their deceased owner. Well, the wheels started turning then. Our deceased is Ms. Addie who is kind an generous to a houseful of young girls as well as a half-dozen cats.

Why do readers buy books in the Return to Legend series?

I'll let some of the reviews on Amazon tell you.

This boxed set was great, wonderful writers and I can't wait for the next book from all of you.
Good characters and story line.

Such a delightful series, I'm sorry I came to the end of this set.

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Takeaway Truth

Summertime is perfect reading time. Grab a book or two and have some inexpensive fun.

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  1. Thanks, Joan, for hosting my new book. It was so much fun to write.