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I like creating videos. Sometimes these might be book trailers, humorous videos about books and/or writing, or personal videos about family, friends, trips, etc.

(Today's Video Tip: Stupeflix. Information updated today, so if you previously read this post, drop down and read UPDATE NOTE.)

I think videos can be an effective tool for name recognition. Although I don't think a video will sell a book, I do think a video can bring attention to a book or other product.

A case in point is Hit The Beach: Sand, Surf,& 4 Romantic Comedies, the video I created for my 4 romantic comedies I call The Lingerie Covers. (The cover art of each book features elegant lingerie.)

Yesterday, this video was featured on USAToday's Must See Book Trailers. (Scroll down until you see my name and there's a video player there. Click it to start the video.

To my surprise, I saw an uptick in sales on those 4 books in the last 24 hours. Maybe it was coincidence, but it's nice to think it's because that video made some check out my books.

Today's Video Tip: Stupeflix

Stupeflix is very similar to Animoto in that they allow registered users to create video montages using their uploaded images and audio clips. Stupeflix offers a Basic free account and a Pro Account for the very low cost of $39.00 a month. (If you decide to try Pro, you can cancel at any time and revert to Basic.)

Free Account Benefits

You can make as many videos as you want using the Free Video Themes, but, unfortunately, there are only 2 free themes. You can also download and share all the videos for free.

The free account comes with 1 HD Pass, which lets you export one video in HD quality (720p). You can get more HD Passes by inviting friends, or buy more.

There are several video themes available for purchase if you don't find one included in Basic that you like. You buy a theme once, and it stays in your account so you can make as many videos as you'd like with it.

Stupeflix also offers a music library from which to choose an audio track, but I didn't find any I like so I uploaded my own.

Pro Account Benefits

PRO unlocks all the themes, gives you unlimited HD exports, removes the Stupeflix logo from all your videos, and gives you commercial licensing so you can use your videos for your business. Their fee for Pro Account is much lower than other similar services.

Sample of Stupeflix Video

Since I'm running a sale on The Trouble With Love, here's a video I made for the series of which it's part, using Stupeflix. I hadn't planned on uploading to YouTube yet because I didn't know whether I'd keep it or tinker with it some more, but I had difficulty getting it to play on Stupeflix. So I quickly uploaded to my YouTube channel and also embedded it below. What do you think?

I did this very quickly, and, now, after viewing it on YouTube, I see that I needed to use a smaller cover art image so I will be editing it tomorrow.

Update Note

Stupeflix is a great site for creating videos, but it's not really a hosting site. A video created there and in your user account can only be viewed if you share the direct link with someone. Also, use Google Chrome which works best with Stupeflix. Now, you can download the video you create and upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites or embed it on your blog quite easily with no restrictions.

Stupeflix recommends using the Google Chrome browser, with the latest version of Adobe Flash (upgrade here). Google Chrome works best with their software.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, check out Stupeflix's app Replay, it's available free on the Apple App Store.

Video Projects are kept only 6 months in a Basic User's account so be sure and download it when you're satisfied with it.

Takeaway Truth

Start honing your video skills today. It's as free as you make it and not as difficult as you think.

Postscript: Contest Winner

I've been running a contest with a free 30 second video as the prize. Unfortunately, even though the Friday video posts had a lot of hits, no one entered the contest so there is no winner except you get the knowledge you gained from the posts.

I'll keep posting about video because it seems a popular topic. If you want to read other posts about video just look at the right sidebar / SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT / and scroll down to Video. Click to see all the posts in that category.

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