What to Read After 50 Shades: A Box Set

John Leonard said: "It takes a long time to grow an old friend." I guess that's why I value friendships--new ones and old.

I'm intensely loyal to friends and try to support them whenever I can. Since most of my friends are authors, one way I offer support is by shining a spotlight on their new books.

My friend Elaine Raco Chase who has made a name for herself with erotic romance is in a new box set collection: What to Read After FSOG: The Gemstone Collection. If you haven't been living under a rock, then you know that FSOG stands for Fifty Shades of Gray.

The cover reveal was yesterday so I can display it here today and give you the Amazon Pre-Order Link in case you want to reserve this collection.

Takeaway Truth

Box sets offer a lot of books for a little expense. Readers rejoice.


  1. Thanks so much, my long time friend, LOL - I am so excited about being part of this fabulous group of authors - 7 of us have been on FB's hottest list: Top 50 books to read after FSOG for a long time...my Double Occupancy hit 2 continuous years! But as for writing erotic romance?...Well...more like explicit romantic comedies...always with a happy ending, always with Alpha-males who get brought to their knees (and other positions) by a woman they never expected to...need! And as always my heroines are sassy, smart & totally aren't looking for a man....until the perfect one happens to find her! I hope your multitude of fans will pre-order the Gemstone group - it will be available everywhere on May 11th! Oddly enough...none of the 7 gems are anything like FSOG...but all are fabulous reads in romance & mystery!

    Happy Reading...Elaine Raco Chase www.elaineracochase.com

  2. Good morning and good luck with the box set. You write such fabulous heroine/hero dialogue which is why your fans love you--the hot romance is a plus for readers.