Thursday3Some: Gerry Bartlett & a Glory Novella

I'm happy to be visiting with my old friend Gerry Bartlett today. Gerry is the nationally best-selling author of the Real Vampires series starring Glory, a plus-size vampire heroine dear to readers hearts.

Gerry lives in Texas, halfway between Houston and Galveston where she has an antiques business on the historic Strand. While she likes to write about vampires, she’d never give up Mexican food or sunshine to be one.

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About Real Vampires Take a Bite out of Christmas

This novella is number 10.5 in the Real Vampires series. Gerry wrote it to pick up where book 10, Real Vampires Know Size Matters, her December 2013 release, left off.

Heroine Glory St. Clair has finally accepted her long-time lover’s proposal and is ready to plan the wedding of her dreams. But how can she look forward to bliss when her best friend is in mortal danger?

Gerry said, "This novella is a love offering to my loyal fans and to entice new readers to try the series."

If you haven't read a Glory book before, check out the first entry into this comic vampire series, Real Vampires Have Curves.

When did you write Real Vampires Take a Bite Out of Christmas?

I finished it over the holidays and released it February 8, 2014. It’s my first self-published work for my own inprint, Dragon Lady Publishing.

What was the spark that gave you the story idea?

Fans love Glory’s best friend Florence da Vinci. I wanted to finally write a story with a little more about her and the relationship between these two gal pals. I also got a chance to pick up where the last Real Vampires book stopped and give my patient fans something to read while I work on the next and probably last Real Vampires book. I hope to have that out this summer, Real Vampires Say Read My Hips.

Why do readers buy Real Vampires Take a Bite Out of Christmas?

Fans are happy that Glory has finally committed to her long-time lover. It’s taken her ten books to come to this place of strength and independence while accepting that he’s the forever love of her life. He’s also changed and has become less controlling. It made for a satisfying way to build to the climax of the series.

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Takeaway Truth

If you haven't met Glory St. Clair, take this opportunity to meet the vamp from Austin, Texas. For a very small price, you can have a ton of reading fun this weekend.