Review: From One Second to the Next

Please, please, pass this on to someone you love. I watched this video on Netflix, but its message is so important that you can view it for free on YouTube.

As I watched this, it was all I could do not to cry for the victims and for those who killed them. I'm embedding the YouTube video here. Read the rest of my review then click play. Please pass this on to everyone you know, but particularly to those you love.

From One Second to the Next, directed by the renowned Werner Herzog, tells the story in a series of vignettes featuring drivers who texted and their surviving victims, none of whom survive intact, and the families. Police officers discuss the tragedies, detail how the victims were found at the scenes of the wrecks, and show pictures of the aftermath. It's not pretty.

Texting and driving is a deadly combination. You think, "Oh, it's just a couple of seconds to text and say I'm on my way." Or, I love you. A couple of seconds is all it takes, as this documentary shows, to kill 3 children. Or to injure a child crossing a street and make him a paraplegic. Or, to kill 2 businessmen on their way to work.

The stories of lives taken by someone who looked at a text screen for a couple of seconds total more than 100,000 now. That's not counting the lives of the drivers who sent the text. As this documentary shows, the burden of guilt for a basically decent guy who sent a text and killed or maimed someone is a burden carried forever.

The Pledge

If you love someone, ask them to promise you that they will never read or send a text while driving. If it's that important, pull to the side of the road. In the stories in this documentary, the drivers often couldn't even remember what they were texting. It was that inconsequential.

If you love someone, promise them that you will never read or send a text while driving. In a second, you can change your life and the lives of others. No text is important enough to warrant killing someone, and that's the risk you take every time you text while driving.

This should be shown in every school, in every household, and in every movie theater before the movie begins. Do yourself and your kids a favor and watch this. Visit Take The Pledge and make your pledge official.

Takeaway Truth

Take the pledge today: I will never text and drive again. Plead with those you love to make that promise to you. Keeping that pledge may save your life and the lives of others.

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