3 Great Writing Pens

Do you enjoy writing personal notes or cards to family and friends? I do. Sometimes, I feel this writing is the only thing that keeps my handwriting legible. If you mostly write on a computer, have you noticed that your handwriting has deteriorated?

I have a glass top cherrywood display box on my desk where I keep my "pretty" pens. My favorite pen was one made of marble that my husband gave me as a gift long ago with a note that said it was for signing my first publishing contract.  When I got that contract, I did sign it with that pen.

I lost the pen in the made dash of rushing my daughter to the hospital the summer she developed a blood clot after surgery.

Anyway, I buy one really nice pen a year. I was looking at my collection and thought I'd pass on some good writing pens that are available in case you'd like to get one for yourself. After all, a writer needs a good pen to sign autographs. Even if you indie publish ebooks, you can also create print copies just for signing to the special fans who want one on their bookshelf--even if that's only family and friends.

Fisher Space Bullet Space Pen, Rainbow Titanium Nitride

This is a beautifully weighted pen and comes in several colors. This pen was first conceived in 1948 by Paul Fisher. The Fisher ball point pen, the #400 Bullet Pen, was considered the most popular pen of the twentieth century. Now the pen is all brass. This one has a Rainbow Titanium Nitride finish.

The ink cartridge in this , designed by Paul Fisher for NASA, enables it to write in extreme temperatures, under water, and even in zero gravity, at any angle--even upside down

Cross Tech3+ Multifunction Pen with Stylus

I like just about anything that multi-tasks, and this pen switches from black Ballpoint Pen to red Ballpoint Pen to pencil plus it has a stylus to use on smartphone, tablet or any other touch-screen device. It won't smudge the touch screen. I carry one for using on my phone because my fingers have a way of always hitting the wrong keys when I'm trying to send a text or email on the phone.

Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, Anthracite (SW1050278)

The Swarovski is just a beautiful pe. The body of it is filled with 160 crystals so it really sparkles and catches the light as you write. The clip is branded with the Swarovski name. Really beautiful. Okay, this one probably wouldn't be a guy's choice, but a woman would really love this.

Takeaway Truth

Father's Day is coming up. Any of these would make a great gift. Something else that would make a great gift is a handwritten note to go along with the gift.


  1. I love pens. I lose them at the same rate of speed as I acquire them, so I stay away from ones of any value. I do have the Cross pen my husband bought me early in my writing time. I haven't written with it for years, but I love that it's still here on my desk where I can see it every time I look up.

    1. That's a lovely sentiment about your Cross pen. I used to think the same way i.e. preferring cheap pens in case I lost them, but when my husband gave me the expensive one, I took care of it. Had it almost 20 years before I lost it during that terrible rush to the hospital.

      , but I