5 Computer Keyboards to Explore

I bought a new keyboard last month, and I love it. I thought I'd give you a list of keyboard options because a keyboard can be your best tech friend or your worst enemy if it hurts your body. There truly is a keyboard for every taste. Just know what fits you and look for it.

1. My first choice is the one I just bought. It's the Adesso Tru-Form Pro Contoured Ergonomic Keyboard with TouchPad (PCK-308UB). I did an in-depth search for this keyboard because I wanted one with an on-board mouse, but I also wanted one that was ergonomically designed and was multimedia. I've got so many muscle spasms and nerve problems in my neck and shoulders from a couple of decades of reaching for that dang mouse, and conventional keyboards make my wrists hurt.

I read a lot of reviews of the Adesso keyboard I bought, and many were negative. However, Amazon had a refurbished one at a very low price. The keyboard looked to be exactly what I wanted so I decided to take a chance on it, and I'm glad I did.

2. This is another Adesso. It's the Adesso® EasyTouch 132 Florescent 4X Size Print Yellow Multimedia Desktop Keyboard. Yes, it really is florescent yellow. It's designed for someone whose who has visual impairment with large black print on bright yellow keys.

3. If you have perpetually cold hands or must work in a cold office, the V8 Tools Heated Computer Keyboard is for you. It's a heated computer keyboard with a 3 Step Switch: Heat off, Low heat--85 degrees F. which is normal hand temperature, and High heat--95-100 degrees F., normal body temperature.

4. If you sneak into your office to type at night when everyone is asleep, then you might love the Slim Acrylic Illuminated Backlit USB Keyboard by MODTEK. This particular one isn't multimedia, but there are lighted keyboards that are so just look for them.

5. If you're trying to teach your elementary school age children about keyboarding, this one, the Learningboard Usb White Keyboard -Based Mnemonic System, will help you with that plus help in teaching phonics. Pretty cool--and cute--keyboard.

Takeaway Truth

There are many well-designed keyboards on the market. Don't settle for the standard one that came with your computer when another might suit your needs far better.

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