Prevent Windows 8 Woes

A lot of people are being forced to adopt Windows 8 when they buy a new computer. So far, I haven't read one email from a satisfied new user. So, for all of you who are beset by Windows 8 problems, I remembered a Kim Komando article I had saved.

Click the link to find out what notable Kim K. has to tell you about upgrading operating systems and still running your old programs. She offers a setup guide, a Windows 8 Starter Guide, an app compatibility check, and a lot more.

Takeaway Truth

Do yourself a favor and check out the informative webpage to, hopefully, eliminate as many problems as possible in upgrading.


  1. A lot of computer stores are now giving people the option of Windows 7 and will swap it out for you... so ask!

  2. That's a great option if the stores still have Win7, but most of them have no inventory of it left.