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Once upon a time, I created a playlist, or soundtrack as I preferred to call it--like a movie, you know--for every book I wrote. I used Playlist to do this.

Then I noticed that some of the songs I'd chosen would disappear from the soundtrack. This became so frustrating that I gave up on Playlist and looked for another app to which I could direct readers so they could listen to the same music that played when I was writing certain chapters. I never really found anything I liked as well.

It's Baaccckkk

Guess what? Playlist is back and, if the beta version is any sign, it's better than ever. All my old playlists are still there, and they offer new options to make them competitive with Pandora--but commercial free and with better stations!

Currently, there are some restrictions on playing back the old playlists, but for new users, this won't be a problem.

Sign back in if you're an old user, or sign up if you're new. They'll be making Playlist go mobile, and eventually, they'll bring back "on demand" where you can play what you what, when you want.

If you're a former user, they're no longer using Logon names. Contact support with your former user name. Or try signing in with your email address and click Forgot Password. That's what I did after I received the email from them.

Takeaway Truth

Everything old is new again.

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