Audio Review: Bad Luck and Trouble

This past weekend, darling hubby and I finished the audiobook Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child. I think this book ranks in our top 10 of Jack Reacher tales.

About the Narrator

Again, Dick Hill is the narrator with the Golden Voice. He's truly amazing. I don't throw around the label Golden Voice in a generic way. Hill was named a Golden Voice by Audiofile Magazine. He's the recipient of 3 Audies and dozens of Earphone Awards.

About Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher grew up on military posts all over the world. It's no wonder that he joined the U. S. Army, serving as an officer in the Military Police. Mustered out a decade ago because of cutbacks, he embraced the idea of not having anyone tell him what to do, when to do it, where to go, or any of the other orders he'd lived his life by.

He travels the country, usually by bus, with only a folding toothbrush in his pocket, the clothes on his back, and an ATM card. He's as much off the grid as any man can be. No cell, no home, no car, not even a driver's license.

If you watched the Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise, which turned out to be a pretty good action flick, you'll really like Child's books because his character is nothing like Cruise and is much larger than life, physically large which Cruise, no matter how talented, just couldn't pull off. Reacher's size intimidates most people.

About the Book

The book opens with a horrific action sequence. Let's just say that Child has a way of dropping a bomb in the opening pages.

Reacher is contacted by Frances Nagley, a woman from his old unit. She's tracked him down in a unique way. Fans of arithmetic puzzles will liked this. Nagley tells him of what's happening to the men in their old unit. She and Reacher try to reunite with the rest of his old team, but they're almost too late.

Reacher's unit had the motto: "You don't mess with the unit." The people who have targeted Reacher and his team learn this truth a little too late.

Bottom Line

Nonstop action. Larger than life characters whose camaraderie seems genuine. Despicable bad guys. Intricate plot. Edge of the seat suspense. If those characteristics appeal to you, grab Bad Luck and Trouble by Lee Child.

Takeaway Truth

If you like your action detailed and brutal--albeit understandable in the context of the story--Lee Child's Jack Reacher books are for you. If you haven't read the Reacher books before, Bad Luck and Trouble is a good one to begin your acquaintance with ex-MP Jack Reacher.

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