New Book Helps When the Going Gets Tough

If you've been feeling dejected, rejected, and discouraged, then you're not alone. There are millions of people struggling to feel more optimistic, to persist because the going is tough--just to hang on until things get better.

On my Goal List for this year was a little book designed to give you a boost when you need something or someone outside yourself to lift you out of the doldrums.

So chase away those black clouds of dejection with my Little Book of Sunshine: For Readers and Writers. I created this to give you something to go to when you're feeling down and out. Like the title says, it's not just for writers, although most of the quotations in there are from writers. It's for anyone who's trying to achieve something special.

This book is an attitude adjustment that's priced low at only 99cents. I believe in the power of words to help you persist and keep going when you have little validation. I hope this book will help you and inspire you to persevere. If nothing else, it should make you smile. If it's raining on your parade, grab a copy today.

So far, it's live only on Amazon, but it should be available at all ebook sellers by Monday.

Takeaway Truth

What do you have to lose? Only that pessimistic attitude that plagues you.

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