Learn About Google Authorship

Do you know about Google Authorship? This is an effort by Google to make it harder for content to be stolen.

A lot of people don't know about it, or they're not taking advantage of it. A lot of people think there's no way to prevent someone from pirating your books, scraping your blog content, or any of the other crimes against writers.

That's probably true, but I don't believe in making it easy for the criminals, and that's what they are--criminals. Stealing intellectual property is a crime.

Google rules the search engine world so take advantage of that by using Google Authorship. As soon as you create content, the authorship tag  links it back to your name and website. Hopefully, if someone scrapes your blog post then, the content will already have been associated with you.

Visit Google Authorship and find out how to do it.

Takeaway Truth

Try it. You may find it worthwhile and useful.

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