Write Rules

Better take notes on today's blog post because you will be tested on this material -- every single day of your writing life.

9 Write Rules

1. You must write -- not just talk about it, not just think about it, not just dream about it.

2. You must write consistently -- not just when The Muse inspires you, not just when your house is clean, not just when everything in Life is running smoothly.

3. You must strive to improve -- practice indeed makes perfect, or at least better.

4. You must put your work out there in the marketplace -- nothing ventured, nothing gained.

5. You must persist when rejected or when your books just don't catch fire and sell like hotcakes -- because eventually everyone is rejected or puts a book out that is a total flop.

6. You must believe in yourself -- even when no one else does. Especially when no one else does.

7. You must remember why you began writing in the first place -- because you love putting words together.

8. You must accept that luck is a part of this business and that you may never get lucky, but you can still succeed anyway. Maybe you won't hit the NYT Bestseller list, but you can produce income and supplement your family budget and maybe even support yourself.

9. You must remember why you write -- because it is what you do; because you can't not write; because the writing is itself a reward; because you are a write.

Takeaway Truth

Write hard. Live free.

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