Say It Isn't So! Daylight Saving Ends

I just hate it when Daylight Saving Time ends. Now, if you work outside the home, you'll get up and leave home, in the dark. Eight hours later, you'll leave work and come home, in the dark. That sounds like a vampire's perfect day: perpetual night.

Work At Homers Feel It Too

I'm lucky because my office is in the home, but I have a hard time prying myself from the warm, comfy bed and getting to my office when it looks as if it's still nighttime.

Why did Ben Franklin think this was a good idea? I've got to the point where I wish it would just stay one way or the other. I can remember older relatives who never bothered to change their clocks. They went to bed when it was dark and arose when the sun came up. Maybe they had the right idea.

Save An Hour/Lose An Hour

Oh, well. I guess Victor Borge was probably right when he said: "I don't mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I've saved all year."

Takeaway Truth

If you didn't set your clocks back last night, then you're an hour early today. Use that hour wisely because you'll lose it in the spring when we spring forward an hour. Whatever.

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