Meet Main Street Author Carol DeVaney

This week I'm featuring the Authors of Main Street who have a box set, Christmas on Main Street, at a bargain price that won't wreck your budget. The box set should be available on or about Nov. 1.

Each day I'm featuring one of the eleven authors of Christmas on Main Street. Today's spotlight is shining on talented Contemporary Romantic Comedy author Carol DeVaney. Carol writes books with the premise: It’s Love and the little things that matter.

Good morning, Carol. Welcome to SlingWords. Please tell us more about your book, A Smoky Mountain Christmas.

A Smoky Mountain Christmas

Think Sandra Bullock meets country hunk. A woman out of her element. City gal meets country hunk. Tina Cole and Hank Gordon find themselves stranded together in a Smoky Mountain snowstorm, three days before Christmas. Falling in love definitely isn't part of either of their plans.

Joan: What inspired you to write this particular holiday story?

Carol: A friend of mine and myself used the same one-liner to write a paragraph. After I wrote almost a page, Sandra Bullock popped into my head. I remembered some of her movies, and how she portrayed the characters. I also used The Smoky Mountains because of my love of that area. The story took off from there. A comical, fun story to share.

Joan: What is your favorite holiday memory?

Carol: Holidays when our house is filled with love, family and friends. One of my favorite Christmases was when my six-year-old granddaughter taught her baby brother how to pass out gifts and wait until Mom or Dad said it was okay to begin opening gifts.

Joan: Just about everyone has a holiday horror story. What's the worst Christmas you ever spent?

Carol: 2004. The first Christmas spent after we lost our eight-year-old granddaughter, Emaleigh Grace, to Wilm’s Kidney Cancer.

Joan: What's the title of your next individual book?

Carol: A Smoky Mountain Christmas Wedding

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Takeaway Truth

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  1. Joan, thank you for inviting me to your site. I appreciate your time on the interview.

    1. Carol, you're very welcome. I enjoy having authors talk about their books.

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    1. Thank you, Mary! So glad you stopped by. There are wonderful stories in the set.