Is Fishing a Sport?

My husband loves to fish. He's been looking forward to cooler weather so he can try his luck at the five lakes here in our small Hill Country community. A handyman who comes to our rescue when we have problems told Larry that the lakes were stocked with crappie which is Larry's favorite.


The correct way to pronounce the name of this sport fish? Make the first syllable rhyme with crop -- not crap. *LOL* When my book Just One Look (A Romantic Comedy) was originally print published, the copy editor stuck a note on the page proofs asking me what fish I meant in the scene between the characters who were fishing.

Then when the book became an audio book, the narrator pronounced the fish as crappie (crap). I'm so glad I listened to every word when proofing those audio files! I guess the crappie are the Rodney Dangerfield's of the fishing world -- they get no respect.

A crappie is actually a variety of sunfish. The name (also spelled croppie or crappé), comes from the Canadian French crapet, which refers to many varieties of sunfish.

Back to my Original Question

Okay, is fishing a sport? Or is it just an excuse for a guy to sit in the sun, drink beer, shush his wife every time she starts to speak, and do little except hold a fishing rod?

I've fished a lot because my parents liked to fish. I hardly ever caught one of the wily creatures. I did catch pretty bad sunburns, a fishhook in my thumb, my shirt on a bramble bush, and a bad case of dislike for fishing.

Takeaway Truth

I believe in the laissez faire philosophy of marriage. I allow my husband to do anything he wants to do as long as it (1) isn't immoral (2) isn't illegal (3) doesn't break the bank (4) doesn't force me to participate if I don't want to. As in fishing.

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