Going on Record & Giving Thanks

Today, in America, we celebrate Thanksgiving. The Pilgrims would probably be shocked to see how this celebration has changed -- and I don't just mean the massive quantity and variety of food served on the average American dining table.

The Dining Table

Just about everyone wants a formal dining table big enough for family and friends to gather. Ironically, this dining table, heavily promoted by furniture stores beginning in October, is rarely used on a day to day basis. It resides in splendor in the formal dining room -- a room that is totally wasted in most homes. Another concept that would shock early settlers who lived crowded into one-room cabins.

Yes, we have much to be thankful for: plenty to eat, creature comforts, the ability to pretty much chart our own path through life without too much interference from government.

We take all that for granted, and for the fact that we can do that we should give thanks because that's one of the hallmarks, I suppose, of living in a free society.

Giving Thanks

Today, as on every Thanksgiving, I want to go on record and give thanks to:
  •  my family and friends -- I love you all dearly
  • my readers -- I appreciate each and every single one of you
  • my online community who supports and help me when I need assistance
  • the Declaration of Independence that gives me the right to pursue my own happiness
  • the armed forces of this country who make it possible to live free
  • all who volunteer and try to make the world a better place
Takeaway Truth

Thank you. May you all be richly blessed.

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