Nice Side of Country

Since I've told everyone about my run-ins with the country critters that have made my life miserable up here. Thank goodness the resident skunk that lives in the wildflower meadow below the house has kept is distance. I see him at night when I'm out with the giant flashlight looking for the armadillo.

Not All Is Bad

Today I want to tell you about some of the redeeming aspects of country life. Everything that is planted here grows like crazy. A small sprig of lantana, taken from my yard at home and planted a year ago, has grown as big as an elephant. Or it would be if darling hubby didn't keep cutting it back. I've taken cuttings from it and planted it next to the big fake rock that covers the water well, and lantana has taken over that area too.

The orange blossoms of the lantana attract all kinds of butterflies. It must be mecca for monarch butterflies and hummingbirds because they're all over it.

The deer are always fun to watch. We've tried to plant things that deer do not like to eat so we enjoy them rather than be aggravated by them. Baby deer have napped on the back porch. In the spring, momma deer hide their fawns in the fields of wildflower around the house. Last night, hubby went outside to enjoy the north wind blowing in masses of cold air. He heard snorting at the edge of the porch. He walked over and a big buck stood there, staring back at him.

Last winter there was a fox den down in the field. The den was a hole in the ground that looked kind of like a giant anthill except the dirt around the hole was grayish. We would catch glimpses of the fox running through the tall weeds, with its fiery red tail waving like a flag.

I love the serenity and peacefulness here. It should be the perfect writing hideaway, and it would be, if I didn't have to keep running to the city every few days to deal with various problems. 

Takeaway Truth

All in all, there are more benefits to country living than negatives. No noise. The air smells clean and fresh. The sky is bigger -- the blue more brilliant -- and at night, the deep black velvet above is sprinkled with brilliant stars and a silver moon. Yes, this kind of beauty is worth dealing with the few annoyances.


  1. lol. My first reaction as a lifelong country dweller is "told ya," when I know as well as any that the downside is as accurate as the wow factor. I love lantanas. They don't do well up north. But my fake rock is thriving, too! :-)

  2. I love my fake rock. I had my daughter the artist paint it to look like a real rock. It makes a nice statement in the flower bed, but the lantana keeps overtaking it. This winter I'll probably relocate most of that lantana planting.

  3. As a future resident of the hill country, I'm so happy to read this, Joan. Now I can delude myself that the snakes, scorpions and those big, wild hogs are the rare exception to all this country peace! lol....

  4. Relax. You just roll with it, Bobbi. The good will outweigh the bad. *g*