Fax: No Machine Required

I have a great tip for you today about how to receive faxes, with a toll-free phone number, with no fax machine required.


FaxBetter has clients including Office Depot, Progressive Insurance, Allstate Insurance, and a host of other corporations and individuals. They offer a 30day Free Account and Paid accounts. The Free account allows you to receive faxes only for 30 days. The Paid account is needed if you want to send as well as receive.

Free Account Features
  • Dedicated toll-free fax number that is yours for life as long as you receive a fax every 7 days
  • No credit card required to sign up
  • Fax notification emails. When a fax arrives, you receive an email notification immediately
  • Searchable fax notifications with a PDF attachment for your first 30 days
  • Enough storage space for about 1,000 pages
  • Faxes always available online at FaxBetter
At the end of 30 days -- or any time -- you can upgrade to a full FaxBetter Account to get more  features, including the ability to send, for only $9.95 per month unless you pay for an annual plan which can be as low as $5.95. See all the features and plans on the website.

Takeaway Truth

A toll-free fax line is great for small business people -- like authors.

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