From Hollywood With Love

What's America's most popular export? Probably movies. Right?

My online friend Maddie -- Madison Smith -- operates a great website for Hollywood Memorabilia. Actually, Hollywood Memorabilia is the name of the site, and it's the number one destination for authentic Hollywood entertainment memorabilia and collectibles.

I confess an affection for movie posters. In my kitchen here at the rancho, I have a large framed black and white poster of Clint Eastwood as Josey Wales from the movie The Outlaw Josey Wales. Actually this was a gift to my husband from our youngest daughter, the artist, who inherited my weakness for movie posters. (Sidebar: Every woman who has seen this poster always says: "If you decide you want to get rid of this, I'll buy it from you." No way.)

One of artist daughter's projects in college was to create a movie poster. She chose to create a poster for her favorite book Dune. The resulting poster is stark and evocative -- and a keeper. I currently have it, but I may let her have it back for the media room in her new house.

Great Resource

Most of us aren't artists so we have to buy our movie posters. Luckily, Maddie makes it easy with her website which has a great selection of signed and unsigned movie posters as well as autographs and posterprint and masterprint versions of domestic and international cinema posters and a whole lot more.

She's also got engraved and framed film and celebrity collectibles and a bunch of signed items like albums and music posters, drumheads, drum sticks, instruments, photographs, and, gosh, too much to list here.

Takeaway Truth

When I watched the movie Argo, I realized again how movies affect every country in the world and cross all cultural lines. A movie poster isn't just an advertisement; it's a piece of our collective culture.

(At least that's what I'm going to tell my husband when I buy the Tombstone poster, "Justice is Coming.")

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