Tom Townsend & Evil Tanks

My friend Tom Townsend emailed me with a promo still of his new book.

Evil Toy Tanks was finally released by Royal Fireworks Press.

Movie News

Tom has finished the script he was working on. Tom has his fingers in a lot of pies. He has a TV show "Military Motor Pool" on Hulu, he supplies military vehicles to the movies and sometimes does stunt driving, and he has a production company among other things. You may have seen Tom's name, or Toyland Combat Vehicles, in the credits for the recent movie about the White House being taken by terrorists. He has quite a collection of military vehicles at his compound.

Take a look at the Evil Toy Tanks video. ETT is Tom's 29th book. Totally humorous and irreverent throughout, it's "middle reader" level and available from the publisher, Amazon, or, get an autographed copy from the author by writing tom at tomtownsend-toyland dot com. (Price is $10 plus postage.)

While you're over on Tom's YouTube channel, watch Charles Varner's Audition Tape for the role of General George Patton in a new History Channel mini-series. Tom's company produced the tape.

Takeaway Truth

Tom Townsend is a renaissance man. (I can't help but feel like a slacker when he tells me everything he's doing.) Look for him in movie credits or on the bookshelf.

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