Time Management: Killing Time?

Everyone has odd minutes in the day when they're waiting for something:
  • waiting on hold on a phone call
  • waiting for the dryer to finish a load of clothes
  • waiting for your kids at the bus stop
  • waiting for the dinner casserole to finish baking
  •  waiting in line at the grocery store, the post office, etc.
What do you do with those minutes -- 2-10 minutes here and there scattered throughout your day and evening?

Plan Ahead

Don't kill time. Arrange stations in your environment where you can take advantage of those small blocks of time.
  • Set up a basket of magazines, newspapers, or articles you printed from the internet. Keep the basket on the kitchen counter so you can pull out a chair, sit, and read while you wait for whatever kitchen or household task needs a few minutes more.
  • Keep a notebook and pen next to the chair in the den where you usually sit when keeping the family company and watching TV. Pick it up and make notes about your current project. Brainstorm ideas. Sketch out promotional materials you want to have printed.
  • Keep a journal within easy reach. When you have a few minutes, jot down your thoughts for the day.
  • Keep your ebook reader near your purse so you can drop it into your handbag and carry it with you wherever you go. You'll always have something to read while standing in the lines that characterize modern shopping.
  • Close your eyes and repeat a positive affirmation that supports you and your goal achievement.
Takeaway Truth

Never kill time. Use every moment if only to consciously relax and feel better. I believe it was Thomas Edison who said: "How can you kill time without wounding infinity?"

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